Aerohive simplifies networking

Aerohive access points, routers and switches are built for the new class of business mobility. Aerohive’s controller-free architecture recognises that your mobile devices are only as mobile as the networks they connect to. With Aerohive, your users are as mobile in the office as they are on the move.


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Aerohive business WiFi

With Aerohive, your users are as mobile in the office as they are on the move.

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Control and intelligence

  • Control and intelligence distributed to the edge of the network
  • Applications and data integrated in the cloud


  • Simple, scalable and resilient
  • Lower cost of deployment and operation

Aerohive products

Aerohive helps simplify networking by reducing the cost and complexity of distributed enterprise deployments with cloud-enabled networking solutions. These solutions, based on our unique distributed intelligence architecture, include enterprise-class WiFi access points, state-of-the-art gigabit switches, and easy-to-deploy routers.

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Aerohive access points

  • Aerohive access points – 802.11n and 802.11ac enterprise wireless LAN access points
  • Cooperative control technology with no need for a controller or overlay network

Aerohive routers

  • Aerohive routers – business mobility with enterprise-class routing and security
  • Plug-and-play – connect hundreds or even thousands of remote/branch offices

Branch on demand

  • Branch on Demand – buy the routers you need, or adopt Network-as-a-Service to add branches as needed
  • Aerohive switches – enterprise-class access switching with cloud-enabled management
  • On-demand provisioning and Secure branch routing

Aerohive network management

  • Aerohive network management – Integrated, controller-less management through a single point.
  • HiveOS – operating system for Aerohive access points and routers


  • HiveManager – network management system (NMS) for configuration and monitoring.
  • Aerohive Cloud Services Platform


Cloud-based infrastructure for Aerohive-developed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, such as HiveManager Online.

Aerohive solutions

The confluence of the “iEverything” mobility explosion, the emergence of Wi-Fi as the primary access layer, the efficiencies of cloud services, and the decentralisation of the corporate office through home-shoring, teleworkers, micro-branches and partnering, are the trends forcing enterprises to reevaluate their network’s access architecture. Aerohive’s solutions address these trends and technologies and help to enhance enterprise productivity, while at the same time reduce the cost and complexity of today’s networks.

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Application visibility

  • Application visibility and control – self-organizing, cloud-enabled architecture
  • Scales to accommodate rapidly rising demand for mobile connections

Data security

  • Assured device and data security – encrypts network credentials and keys
  • Identity-based policy enforcement at the edge – enforce QoS, access control and security policies at the access point

High availibility

  • High availability and mesh network redundancy – allows the WLAN to route around wired network failures
  • No single point of failure within the wireless or wired infrastructure

Aerohive Mobility Suite

Client Management and ID Manager extend management and control over multiple devices and operating systems.


Support for BYOD/CYOD policies


Allows secure, managed guest device access

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Aerohive Apple integration

Like Appurity, Aerohive is part of the Apple Consultants Network. The Aerohive team works closely with Apple and helped to design AirPrint™, Apple’s driver-less printing architecture. Aerohive’s Bonjour Gateway makes AirPlay® and AirPrint usable across large, multi-subnet networks, regardless of the underlying topology.


Appurity Aerohive WiFi services

Appurity and Aerohive have worked closely together on a range of corporate WiFi deployments. We will assess your current business needs and make provision for increasing demand.

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  • Coverage everywhere – even in old, un-Wifi-friendly environments

Unified coverage

  • Unified communications – converge/consolidate your networks on a single infrastructure, and run Voice-over-IP services


  • Bring-your-own/choose-your-own device – implement policies to match your corporate culture and prepare your infrastructure for high volumes of traffic from multiple devices

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Appurity is an Aerohive Strategic Partner, but also part of the Apple Consultants Network. We’re accredited in implementation for Aerohive products and services and are able to assist businesses with advice on how the WiFi behaves with the client device. Appurity are able to offer assistance with the integration into existing environments or design and plan a full network refresh. To find out more, complete the form below. We’ll arrange for one of our consultants to demonstrate Aerohive or set up an on-premise trial.

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User Reviews: We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our customers. When you use Appurity, there is no need to worry about customer support. With over 1,000 users and counting, you cannot go wrong with Appurity. Check out what our users are saying about us!

“Great service, great team.”

Appurity gave us the support and insight we needed at every step. Their experience and expertise with Apple and Aerohive technologies gave us the combination of skills we needed to roll out the solution we wanted. – Gary Savill, IT Operations Manager, Holiday Extras

We’ve deployed our wireless infrastructure without adding significantly to our routine network management processes. Most importantly, our users report a reliable, high-speed service wherever they need to work on our premises.
Sean Sadler, IT Director, Olive Communications
I spoke to the Appurity team on the phone, and within a couple of days they were on-site and talking in detail about the deployment. It was installed and running in less than a week from our first contact.
Chris Talbot, Systems and Support Manager, National Foundation for Educational Research
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